Employment Law

Employment Law

Our attorneys regularly represent employees in all types of disputes with their employers. Whether negotiating an employment agreement, making a complaint regarding overtime pay, sexual harassment, or family leave, or bringing a lawsuit for wrongful termination, we are committed to providing quality work and efficient service to all our clients.

We handle virtually every type of employment issue, including:

Overtime issues

We help employees recover compensation for overtime or other hours worked.

Workers Compensation

We assist clients who have been injured on the job and need to make a workers' compensation claim or a claim against someone other than their employer.

Disability Issues

We advise clients who have a disability and need a reasonable accommodation from their employer.

Wrongful Termination

We represent clients who have been wrongfully fired by their employers for any reason.

Employment Litigation

Whatever the issue, Bosen & Associates can help clients make a complaint to the employer or administrative agency and negotiate a resolution of the dispute. When necessary and appropriate, we can also represent clients in a lawsuit, in all state and federal courts.

Whether resolving a dispute or litigating it, we employ a common sense and cost effective approach to problem solving, working as a team with our colleagues and our clients.